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Hey there! My name is Zachary Lawrence, nice to meet you! I was born in Yorktown, Virginia; however, I'm currently a Senior studying computer engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. I'm a long way from home, but the proximity of the University of Maryland to DC attracted me to spend some time here. I enjoy the city atmosphere and the opportunities that arise from living so close to a major city.

I have a strong interest in software development and I'm drawn to opportunities where I can make an impact on everyday lives. I love traveling and am more than willing to travel to any interesting opportunity should the need arise; however, I'm also currently deeply invested in my schoolwork and am only willing to pursue opportunities during the summer.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to contact me or take a look at my resume.

Work Experience

Facebook Summer Internship

Summer 2015

I worked with the New Technology Team under Connectivity Lab (Internet.org) to explore technologies dealing with Parse and IOT devices (Internet of Things).

Google Engineering Practicum Summer Internship

Summer 2014

I primarily worked in a group to collect metrics and improved reliability of an internal Google tool by designing and developing a load testing framework based on HTTPS and RPC requests. Additionally, I wrote multiple bug fixes by communicating between various internal Google divisions to determine the ideal solution for the most users.

ITT Exelis Summer Internship

Summer 2013

I researched the Ozone Widet Framework and explored potential integration opportunities within various Exelis projects. I created numerous sample widgets to demonstrate key concepts and ideas embodied by the Ozone Widget Framework. By the end of my internship, I successfully integrated an existing Exelis project that provides advanced analytics for image management and manipulation within the Ozone Widget Framework.

University of Maryland:
Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Fall 2013 - Present

I'm currently assisting Professor Jon Froehlich and Ph.D. student Kotaro Hara on a project that uses images from Google Street View to locate sidewalk accessibility issues. The goal of this project is to provide this sidewalk accessibility information to cities as well as those in need to facilitate easier travel for the handicapped. I helped improved sidewalk detection rates by developing python code based on OpenCV, as well as used D3 to create a researcher dashboard to render pertinent statistical models.

Past Projects

MHacks Hackathon 2013 Winner

Fall 2013

I worked with 2 colleagues to design, create and code a "hack" in 36 hours. Together we created a single-stream recycling bin that sorts recyclable and non-recyclable materials by the noise they make as they enter the recycling bin. We competed against over 1000 students from over 100 universities in the country's largest student run hackathon and ultimately took first place.

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Bitcamp 2014 Hackathon: Microsoft Awarded Best Hack

Spring 2014

Spent 36 hours independently designing and creating a web service for real-time translation of SMS messages between two phones.

Engineers Without Borders

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

I assisted the Engineer's Without Borders University of Maryland Chapter by investigating, designing and implementing a water purification system for a remote town in Compone, Peru. I was ultimately selected, with 5 other undergraduate students out of a group of 70, to travel to Compone and conduct research on the water distribution system.

Contact Me

I hope you learned a little bit about me and what I've done from your visit, but if you want any more information or just feel like talking, feel free to contact me!

phone: (757) 968-3925
linkedin: zacharyclawrence
github: zacharylawrence